Jun 18, 2011


There seems to be something akin to the elephant's graveyard for washed-up politicians and the detritus of television commentators. It's Al Gore's television network, Current TV, which already features Keith Olbermann. Rumor has it that Anthony Weiner has been asked to appear regularly on his own show. Snoop Dogg on Long Beach Poly: '4th and Forever' Overtime Exclusive - video

I think it is wonderful that there is a program to keep these professional bloviators off the streets. Thanks to galloping technology, today anyone can have is own television network. On Current TV they can be given what appears to be their own show, invite any of their acquaintances willing to seen with them, and continue to earn the kind of money such idlers get used to making for the slightest effort. 
While Weiners' wife sits at home contemplating her next move, we eagerly await news that Weiner is "dating" Paris Hilton. 
I must admit it's a wonderfull economy that maintains safety nets for such people.

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