Is This What America Has Become?

ANTIFA Attacking Bernie Sanders Supporter

A young man carrying an American flag is attacked in Portland, Oregon by ANTIFA members for carrying a “fascist symbol”.

Ironically, the young man is a Bernie Sanders supporter. However, that did not stop the ANTIFA members from taking the American flag from him and hitting him with a pipe which caused a gushing bloody wound.


How Fast Will Your Alexandria Business Rank On Google?

The Top Question SEO Agencies Get From Customers

So many people ask what is a perfectly normal question when considering hiring an SEO agency…How Long Will It Take For My Website To Rank On Google?

Check out this article that focuses on that exact question. You might just be surprised with the answer.

How long does it take to rank in Google? (A study by Ahrefs)

Has Google Done What It Vowed Not To Do?

Google’s Mantra “Do No Evil”

It seems that Google has become so powerful that its officers and directors feel it can do whatever it wants to do, including ignoring its own slogan, “Do No Evil”.

Based on several actions of Google over the past year or so, it appears the people at forgot that slogan created by it leaders many years ago. Maybe that is all it was supposed to be, a slogan and not a directive by which to run the company.

Read what one person who has experienced the negative power of Google has to say:

Google Admits It Manipulated Its Search Results Against

Google Blames Its Subcontractors For Down Voting

It seems Google was caught trying to crush the First Amendment rights of and other similar alternative news outlets. Google says it will no longer try to control the search engine results of media outlets, like and, it considers “fake news”.

Will this be the last time Google tries to manipulate its search engine results for political, social and financial gain? Will the public stop using Google to search the internet and go with other search engines like Bing, Yahoo and Duck Duck Go? Only time will tell…

Go here to see the report.

Did Google Blacklist

According to this report, Google is censoring and “down voting” as well as other alternative news websites. Check out the email sent by Google to its sub-contractors which vote up or down various websites to determine where in the search engine’s results an article or even a website will show up, if at all.

SEO Tips For Alexandria Area Businesses

Alexandria SEO Firm Helps Area Businesses Succeed On The Internet

Do you run a business in the Alexandria metropolitan area of Virginia? If so, have you set up a website to sell your goods or services? Answering yes to both of those questions then leads to the next question. Is your website being found by your prospective customers when they search Google for the related terms you want your business affiliated with? Also, is you business showing up on the first page of the internet search results when people look for your business type?

search engine optimization, business marketing, Alexandria SEO, digital marketing

In the event you answered no to that last question, then you are leaving a lot of money on the table. You see most people who do a Google search do not look past the first page of the search results. In fact a recent study broke down the impact of rankings on Page One  as follows:

  1. No. 1 listing gets 33% of the searchers
    No. 2 gets 18% of the searchers
    No. 3 gets 12% of the searchers

The percentage of searchers for the remaining spots on Page One goes down from there. Thus, one can extrapolate the amount of revenue lost for not being on the first page of the search results. For example, let’s say each customer is worth $500.00 and lets say 20 people per day search for your type of business. If you were in the first position on Page One of the search results, then you would expect to get 33% of those searchers to go to your website or 6.6 visitors per day. That means at $500 per customer, you have a chance to generate an additional $3,00.00 per day just off visitors to your website! And that is without spending money advertising!!!

Business, SEO, Alexandria, Marketing, Money

So what can a business like yours do to improve their website rankings in the search engines. Here are a couple of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques one can do.

  1.  Get backlinks from other websites.
  2.  Have unique continent on your website that is relevant to your goods or services
  3.  Embed videos on your website.


All of these techniques can help your business’s website get a higher rank in the search results like Google. But make no mistake, if there are other businesses you are competing against in your marketplace, then there is a good likelihood they are working on their websites to get ranked on Page One as well.

In the event you do not have the time and/or expertise to work on your website’s search engine rankings, then you should probably look to hiring an Alexandria SEO agency that can do the work for you.

A firm we recommend is called Blue Net 360 and can be found here. You owe it to yourself and your business to check out this company to see if they can help your business generate more business from the web.


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