Aug 17, 2011


You saw the movie. Now experience the real thing. objection to this scenario is that if they blow the asteroid to smithereens, the smithereens there will still; be there to destroy the earth. The same amount of materiacefier'sl will be there.
But its something to do for spa whose real missions have been cancelled. Anyway,  it won't happen  until 2036. We're bound to recover from the Obama administration by then.

Aug 4, 2011


The FBI has assumed jurisdiction over possible murder of one of Tucson Zoo's giraffes. An animal apprentice has confessed to accidentally feeding the giraffes oleander leaves. which are poisonous to giraffes. Two of the many giraffes in  the zoo were sickened, one died.

The apprentice was fired.

We are not certain of the basis for federal action in this case. The deceased giraffe might have been born in Africa but the birth certificate has not been found. Federal agents will leave  no stone unturned now that a few trillion dollars more has been infused into the federal colossus.

Jul 30, 2011


Editorial writers have given  up writing about the substantive meaning of what's happening in Washington and taken to criticizing the act itself.
Americans are not panicked as they were supposed to be. No matter what comes out of these legislative discussions, if anything, they believe that the sun will rise on Wednesday, and it will probably be hot. The only Americans breaking a sweat over this crisis are the officials. The American people have essentially turned over the flap to them and were told, "Take care of it. I have real things to do. We'll deal with you in the next election."

Jul 24, 2011


Look, up in the sky! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, its Deus ex machina!!

Does your gut tighten a little with each newscast? We get closer to the default on the national debt. It’s like riding into the sun. We believe it’s going to happen, but we don’t really. We think someone somewhere will pull a rabbit out of his hat and save us. Someone somewhere has a few trillion dollars they’ve been saving for a rainy day.

Maybe they just don’t believe it’s really raining. It doesn’t feel like rain.

Deadlines come and deadlines go, and still we go on. The news doesn’t feel real – sandwiched in between commercials. It will feel real enough if we fail, which seems inevitable.

Congress and the president are working on the terrible task of making something out of nothing -- something in the Treasury out of the nothingness of reality.

I warned them. Many others did, too. But it still doesn’t seem real.

The next deadline is today at 4 pm eastern time. One o’clock western time. The time Asian markets open. From there it’s just one deadline after another. We won’t make any of them. Not really. But maybe they can cook up some smoke that will buy us a few more months.

Jul 9, 2011


I had thought (hoped) that a dose of reality would awaken our president from his slumber. But release of actual t statistics did not chasten him at all. In fact, he seemed encouraged.
Even if he does not win a second term, there will be little left of us when he finally departs.

Is it possible to sue a president for malpractice? Mispractice? Dyspractice?

Look at the  numbers on these Shadow Statistics which reveal worse positioning..

Jul 8, 2011


An unnamed White House official said that we are not facing a double-dip recession. He did not, however,deny this is all one big recession.

In other happy news, President Obama has cancelled this weekend's vacation in Idaho or someplace like that.

At this writing we are only minutes away from hearing today's Big Excuse.

Jul 2, 2011


You know all those millionaires and billionaires President Obama has said will have to have their taxes increased to balance the budget? I funny thing is happening. Since 2007, the numbers of mere millionaires in the country suddenly dropped by by 800,000. Even more inexplicably, 3,000,000 new millionaires suddenly appeared in other countries. 

It is estimated that over 6.5 million Americans are leaving or planning on leaving this country each year. According to a recent Zogby Research study, a massive and silent migration is under way: families are  leaving America at a rate of 742 per hour. The rich didn't get that way by being stupid. 

It's not just the super-rich who are moving on to greener pastures, many thousandaires are searching for ways to migrate to more favorable tax and legal climes. Regular, middle class Americans are becoming scared of the powers their government has assumed and the tax rate that it is threatening to impose to pay for its profligate spending supporting the 50% or more who pay no taxes at all. 

As illegal aliens are voting with their feet by moving unbidden in to the US, Americans of great to moderate means are quietly leaving. The total demographic results of this is to see America's wealthiest, best educated citizens tip-toeing quietly out of the country and being replaced  by poorer, less well-educated persons. This is a dire trend that will end in disaster for the U.S.

Jun 29, 2011


North Korea issued orders closing its universities and reassigning students to manual labor. The government  said it had achieved its goal of becoming a great and powerful nation, so why go to classes any more?

Jun 19, 2011


Now let me see if I've got this right. We're going to borrow a few billion dollars from China to lend to Greece?


By Alan Caruba

I always thought it was creepy the way Barack Hussein Obama has repeatedly referred to the likelihood of his being a one-term President. It is as if he knew, even as he campaigned in 2008, that all the loose ends and unanswered questions about his life would eventually disqualify him.

It is now widely acknowledged that the mainstream media ran interference for him, ignoring or disparaging those who questioned his eligibility. After two and a half years in office, however, his arrogance and incompetence is so manifest that even they can no longer cover for him.

Obama has single handedly generated a mass political movement called the Tea Party and election results for governors and members of Congress have put opposition candidates into office.

On March 31, 1968, then-President Lyndon B. Johnson announced that he would not run for reelection, responding to the massive opposition to the war in Vietnam. On August 9, 1974, Richard M. Nixon announced his resignation in the wake of the Watergate scandal to avoid impeachment.

I predict that Barack Hussein Obama will resign before the end of his first term. He may well do so prior to the September 2012 Democratic Party convention.

Obama was never eligible to run for the office. In his book, “Where’s the Birth Certificate? The Case that Barack Obama is Not Eligible to be President”, Dr. Jerome R. Corsi, Phd, devotes 387 pages, complete with appendices and endnotes, to irrefutably make that case.

Anyone who reads Article 2, Section 1, of the Constitution, however, can make that case in less than a minute. Only a “natural born” individual whose both parents were American citizens can be President. Obama’s father was a citizen of Kenya. There is no dispute regarding what the Founders meant when they said “natural born.” Further clouding Obama’s eligibility is the time he spent in his youth in Indonesia as the adopted son of that nation’s nationality.

Corsi’s book explores all the other mysteries including a highly suspicious Social Security number, passports, and other documentation that any candidate for office would normally submit to public disclosure. A massive cover up that includes the national press corps, the Democratic Party, Congress and even the U.S. courts, permitted Obama to gain and hold the office.

Indeed, Corsi’s book is not the first to reveal the deceptions. At least three other books have meticulously examined the issue. They include “The Manchurian Candidate” by Aaron Klein with Brenda J. Elliot, “The Blueprint: Obama’s Plan to Subvert the Constitution and Build an Imperial Presidency” by Ken Blackwell and Ken Klukowski, and “The Post-American Presidency” by Pamela Geller with Robert Spencer.

Corsi, however, has the benefit of timing. As the nation enters the period following Obama’s announcement he is running for reelection and during the process of selecting a Republican opponent, the issue of his eligibility is gathering momentum.

The polling data is all against him. The failure of his policies, combined with the massive increase in the national debt, rising unemployment, the implosion of the housing market, and a growing perception of incompetence, are coalescing to give weight to the demand that he end his candidacy or resign.

“History has not been kind to U.S. Presidents that have attempted to hide behind a lie,” says Corsi.

When republics begin to ignore their founding documents, they are literally committing suicide and, in Obama’s case, it is an assisted suicide.

The recognized definition of a “natural born citizen”, a requirement to be President, does not require much more than common sense. In a May article published by Canada Free Press, Lawrence B. Solum, the John E. Cribbett Professor of Law at the University of Illinois College of Law, is quoted as having written in September 2008, “Anyone born on American soil whose parents are citizens of the United States is a natural born citizen.”

Ironically, in 2008, his political opponent, Sen. John McCain, whose both parents were Americans when he was born in Panama, was the subject of a Senate Resolution confirming his eligibility to run. The then-Democrat controlled Senate took up no such action regarding Obama. If they had, they would have had to hold a convention to pick a new candidate!

Lawrence Sellin, the author of the Canada Free Press article cited above, warned “Whether through cowardice or arrogance, both Republican and Democrats fail to appreciate the fact that ordinary Americans are reaching a tipping point. Imagine a Tea Party on steroids.”

“If the Constitutional crisis is not soon addressed, the present political polarization will inevitably lead to political fragmentation. Erosion of the Constitution will inevitably lead to the collapse of the rule of law.”

There is no documentation to support the myths about his life that Obama has carefully devised. Indeed, the President has reportedly spent millions to deny public access to his birth certificate and all other records.

If he resigns, he may be able to assert the legitimacy of every piece of legislation, every executive order, signed into law, but if he is found to have been ineligible, every one of them would become null and void.

The nation can be put right again as a Constitutional Republic. Obama has led an unlawful regime. America has been drunk on socialism since the 1930s. It’s time to sober up.

© Alan Caruba, 2011

Jun 18, 2011


A Rabbinical court in Jerusalem condemned a dog to death by stoning by local children. The judges believed that the dog had been inhabited by the spirit of a lawyer who had insulted the court twenty years earlier. 


Hamid Karzai, president of Pakistan, revealed that the U.S. is in talks with the Taliban in an effort to end the war in Afghanistan. Understandable: it's getting boring. Both sides denied the talks so they must be true. If the war is ended now, we will have nothing to show for it. We could end it later and have even less to show for it.
Does anyone remember the original rationale for entering the war? There must have been a reason that seemed good at the time.The war was becoming ridiculous with US forces paying "tolls" to Taliban soldiers for the right to carry munitions past certain check points, munitions intended for use against the Taliban.


This young deer was minding his own business, browsing on brush in rural Montana,when he suddenly found himself flying high in the sky. He had been snatched by a hungry eagle who was planning on having him over for lunch. Somehow, the deer managed to decline the invitation so the eagle dropped him to the ground. Well, toward  the ground anyway. The fawn got hung up  in some power line and was electrocuted. A tragic end of a young explorer in Montana.


There seems to be something akin to the elephant's graveyard for washed-up politicians and the detritus of television commentators. It's Al Gore's television network, Current TV, which already features Keith Olbermann. Rumor has it that Anthony Weiner has been asked to appear regularly on his own show. Snoop Dogg on Long Beach Poly: '4th and Forever' Overtime Exclusive - video

I think it is wonderful that there is a program to keep these professional bloviators off the streets. Thanks to galloping technology, today anyone can have is own television network. On Current TV they can be given what appears to be their own show, invite any of their acquaintances willing to seen with them, and continue to earn the kind of money such idlers get used to making for the slightest effort. 
While Weiners' wife sits at home contemplating her next move, we eagerly await news that Weiner is "dating" Paris Hilton. 
I must admit it's a wonderfull economy that maintains safety nets for such people.

Jun 16, 2011